Ford Transit Hire

The all-new Ford Transit is the biggest van in the range. And with a wide choice of wheelbases, cab-styles, roof-heights, engines and more, it provides you with an extensive range of options to specify your vehicle. In short, name your business, list your requirements and you'll find a Transit purpose-built for the job.

Maximised productivity. Minimised running costs

The all-new Transit has earned its reputation for capability and flexibility. Whichever wheelbase, roof height, or cab style you go for, you’re guaranteed vast cargo space and long load length. The layout of the load area is specifically designed to maximise available space. As a result there’s room for up to four Europallets across the range and up to five in the L4 (Jumbo) model. Side and rear doors are designed to make it easy to load and unload your vehicle too. And while the van’s efficiency can help your business make money, its low cost of ownership will help you save it.

Ford Transit Van Hire