4x4 Hire

Brookhire are one of the few vehicle rental companies to offer 4x4s for hire. The majority of our vehicles have tow bars fitted, including transits, minibuses, people carriers and 4 x 4s.

4 x 4s are not only suitable for use off-road or in uncertain weather conditions but are often hired by families heading on holiday and needing to tow a caravan or trailer-tent or maybe a boat trailer. These vehicles offer a high level of specification and comfort.

Please check you have the correct licence categories to tow with these vehicles or call us for more information. We will need to know what you are towing, its weight and whether the hire is for business or pleasure purposes in order to advise you of the relevant restrictions.

Legislation related to towing has become increasingly complex over the past few months, with more and more restrictions effecting the driver, it is best to check with us that you have the appropriate vehicle, and licence categories, to do the job you need to. We are now one of the few rental companies left who are still prepared to offer towing vehicles, and may well be the only one in this area. Indeed we regularly find ourselves hiring within Herefordshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and the West Midlands.

Please contact us for more information and quotes

When making a booking please state the time and date you wish to collect and return the vehicle.