Ford Transit Courier Hire

  • Overall length: 4157mm
  • Roof height: 1747mm
  • Loadbox volume with fixed bulkhead: 1.9/2.3cu.m (VDA/SAE)
  • Loadbox volume with foldable mesh bulkhead: 2.4/2.6cu.m (VDA/SAE)
  • Loadthrough: 2.59m
  • Max Payload approx.: 660kg
  • Max Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM): 1795kg
  • Seats: Two

Driving Experience

A van you'll love driving

Sophisticated chassis design, an advanced steering system and highly tuned driving dynamics combine to help you enjoy time spent behind the wheel of a Transit Courier. State-of-the-art technologies also help make driving safer and life easier, while other systems maximise fuel-economy. Add the excellent manoeuvrability you can only get from a small vehicle and you may well have found the perfect van for your business.


Make light work of every turn

The turning circle is an exceptionally tight 10.5 metres and can be made with just 2.6 turns of the steering wheel, lock-to-lock. The result: easier parking in tight spaces and better manoeuvrability in narrow streets.